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My name is Diana Whang and I am 51 years old. My husband and my son also belong to me and we moved from Cologne to  five years ago.Diez near Limburg ad Lahn drawn.

A burnout had brought me to my knees 15 years ago and my doctor recommended that I try yoga and it worked! Yoga allowed me to find my way back to myself and became my oasis in the hectic everyday life. In 2013 I started my first yoga training in Cologne and many other trainings followed. This millennia-old Indian teaching has captivated me incredibly and hasn't let go ever since. The yoga world is so diverse and multifaceted and you never stop learning. 


Yoga helps me to find my inner center in challenging situations. The mind clears and attention is focused on the here and now. Yoga also gives me strength and joy! The day-to-day madness of a working mom, wife, and yoga teacher requires a lot of balance. That's why I always look forward to my mat and the moment when the class begins and when it ends in Savasana. My curiosity and the eternal student in me are always ready for further development, e.g. B. by attending yoga conferences, training courses, workshops and retreats. As a result, my teaching style is constantly evolving and gives me the opportunity to draw from the wonderful variety of yoga.

my qualifications

International certified Yogateacher

Yoga Alliance (YA)

1 / Advanced Teacher Training

300h Balance Yoga Frankfurt 2023

2 / Hormon Yoga

45h Balance Yoga Frankfurt 2023

3 / Aerial Yoga

15h Balance Yoga Mainz 2023

2 / Senioren Yoga

15h Balance Yoga Frankfurt 2022

5 / Yin Yoga Basic & Advanced

75h Stefanie Arend Köln 2016  &  Balance Yoga Frankfurt 2022

6 / Prenatal Yoga

10h Lord Vishnus Couch Köln 2016

7 / Vinyasa Yoga

200h The Yogaloft Köln 2015

8 / Kinder Yoga

55h Institut für Yoga und Gesundheit Köln 2014

9 / Hatha Yoga

300h Institut für Yoga und Gesundheit Köln 2013

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